Sustainability: from Classroom to Business World Applications

Posted by Ben Granger on Tue, Jun 12, 2012

As a student at Furman University, I had heard about Hartness International as a highly influential international business with local roots.  Now, as a marketing intern at Hartness, I am seeing firsthand what has contributed to this company’s reputation.
Dr. Clemens Quote
The past two semesters I took business courses on strategy and sustainability from a phenomenal professor, Dr. Bruce Clemens. Before attending his courses, I thought sustainability was merely a fancy business word for the slogan “Going Green”. I quickly discovered, however, that sustainability means much more to a business than recycling and limiting waste. The term and its engagements are essential to the existence and preservation of the company and industry as a whole.

After just a short time at Hartness International, I see that sustainable practices are woven into all aspects of the business. The sustainable solutions that Hartness has developed and implemented have established this company as a packaging industry leader and global innovator.

  • Lean packaging lines designed around DYNAC that require less space and energy

  • Packaging equipment that consumes minimal utilities

  • Robotics and innovative line control strategies that enable the light-weighting of containers

  • Programs that extend the life cycle of packaging equipment

  • Organic, environmentally-friendly UV inks for bottle decoration and coating


Dr. Clemens instilled in me this passion for sustainability. From a classroom passion to first hand business experience, I am looking forward to pursuing and contributing to this passion during my internship at Hartness International.


Editor's Note: Ben Granger is a Senior at Furman University completing his final semester in Business Administration. We are pleased to welcome Ben to the Hartness Marketing team for the summer.

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